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Some days, after a grueling day where things just don’t seem to go right, I’ll ask myself why did I choose interior design?! A young interior designer in the making Even as a young child, I was always fascinated by buildings.

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Too many people think that home design trends should be picked. "TVs should look like art when not in use, which is why hidden televisions are one of the new and top living room trends of 2019,”.

Industrial design is a combination of art and engineering; drawing skills, creativity and technical knowledge are critical. Industrial designers must have a good sense of color, balance and.

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I have always been interested in all forms of design – graphic, fashion, industrial, architecture.. It is also my dream to have my own house designed by me which is why I choose to become an interior designer.. since my school days, and interior design was always a front runner for me.

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beauty meets safety with Daltile’s Stepwise, our technology that provides slip resistance on easy-to-clean interior commercial & residential flooring surfaces.

Figuring out what makes for good design is an admittedly subjective exercise: Ask a dozen experts their thoughts on, say, why faux mid-century modern is still popular in American interior design..

After mid-century modernism’s long reign, some drama is making its way back into interior. design. He’s seen a number of pieces lately with adventurous trimming: like a sleek, structural floor lamp.

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Why it works: When it’s done well, eclectic dcor broadcasts your confidence in your own style yet still adheres to the fundamentals of good design. You don’t have to choose between profiles or periods; there’s room for a range of favorites.

Industrial or Urban. This interior design style prefers the use of more industrial materials such as concrete for floors and walls, exposed beams or stripped floors, stainless steel and metal. Furniture materials include leather, reclaimed wood, stainless steel. The style emphasizes space, so furniture tends to be sparser and can feel cooler.