When Is Furniture An Antique

Antique and vintage furniture is the collecting area that’s been least impacted by the online world. Because except at the high end, the market is still largely local due to shipping costs. That said, the market is huge and can be confusing – there are as many different types of furniture as there are tastes and styles and eras.

This term is generally applied to the time period 1960-1979. The time period 1950-1959 is generally referred to as retro both these terms can be applied to items less then 100 years in age. However, it should be known that the label "antique", "vintage" or "collectible" has no real effect on the value of an item.

She was left with a house of furniture that she couldn’t use. If I’m a designer and I need something specific for a job,

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The term antique is used rather loosely these days and often ends up reflecting the age of the person using it more than a hard and fast definition. To a teenager, for example, a kitchen tool or gadget from the 1960s seems "antique," while a senior adult might see antiques as the many objects they used or saw in the homes of their parents and grandparents as a child.

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7. On an old furniture piece, clean the surface with a soft cloth dampened with commercial wood cleaner. 8. To remove an old finish, use a steel wool pad to scrub antique refinisher into the surface. 9. Wipe off the old, dissolved finish with a clean, soft cloth. 10. protect the stripped surface with a.

The rule of thumb used by most antique dealers is that anything about 100 years or older is an antique. Items that are old, but not quite that old, are called vintage.

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Best Answer: For furniture to be considered antique it needs to be 100 years old, however if you are collecting pieces that you hope will become increasingly valuable you do not necessarily need to buy authentic antiques. Many antiques are less valuable than pieces from the 1940’s to 1960’s.

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