What Is Period Furniture

The Victorian period was the first furniture style of mass production. Arts and Craft (1880-1910) The Arts and Craft is characterized by simple utilitarian design and construction. Arts and Craft style furniture is also referred to as Mission. Art Nouveau (1890-1910)

The growth in the corresponding period last year was 12%. Another sector heavily dependent on real estate is furniture,

Originally, Baroque era furniture had turned or pedestal feet, and later curved legs. This is the period when small, round and oblong tables and consoles became common, according to the museum. Chests and cabinets, many with inlaid wood panels, were very in vogue. Cabinetmakers predominantly used oak, walnut, chestnut, and ebony.

Furniture made during Queen Victoria’s reign — from 1837 to 1901 — drew heavily from Gothic, Rococo and Louis XV furniture with dark finishes or gilding, embellishments and heavy proportions. The Victorian period overlapped the Industrial Revolution, making it the first style of furniture to be manufactured.

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Named after London designer and cabinetmaker George Hepplewhite (?-1768), whose The Cabinet Maker and Upholsterers Guide was published posthumously by his wife Alice in 1788, Hepplewhite furniture dates from about 1780-1810. It is a neoclassic style and falls within the Federal period in the United States.

The period is regarded by many as the Golden Age of French furniture, a period of grand creativity, influenced by scandal and royal mistresses like Madame de Pompadour and Madame du Barry. Comfort was all the rage in the 18th century and Louis XV style was designed for the comfort and glorification of beautiful women.

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As with all period styles, there is no clear beginning and end, but over a period of 160 years from around 1500 broad characteristics can be seen. Age of Oak furniture retains much of the previous Gothic period, especially in the amount of carving used to decorate panels and framing members, although the use of pierced carving was less popular.

How To Repair Wooden Furniture How to Restore Wooden Tables/Furniture: Hi in this instructable I will walk you through the processes and steps involved in restoring a piece of furniture that has seen better days. I will show you how I restored a set of 3 teak occasional/ coffee tables, but this is really more of a gu.

Period. Everything you buy for the home – furniture, rugs, lighting, artwork – can be plotted on an historical timeline and affixed with labels like "contemporary", "antique", "vintage" or "retro".

How To Refurbish Furniture Indoor wooden furniture doesn’t get exposed to the elements in the same way as outdoor furniture, so you have many more options when it comes to wood finishing and restoration. For indoor teak furniture, tung oil is a really great option as a finish because of the beautiful look and feel of the wood that will result.