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Modern Design Refers To A Distinct Time Period; Contemporary Is Ever-Evolving. or may make a lasting impression that will transcend this era," says interior designer katie Hodges. "I think.

how much are interior design fees Amy Contreras, owner of Amethyst Interiors of Indianapolis, charges $100 per hour for an interior design job. The fee includes sketches, drawings, meetings and design time, furniture and fabric choices, construction detail and supervision.

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Paxton Lockwood Interior Design is an Aspen, Colorado and Palm Springs, California based firm specializing in classic to contemporary interior designs individually tailored for each of our clients.

Modern interior design embraced simplicity and straight lines, according to The Spruce. Contemporary design, on the other hand, is ever-changing. This style incorporates what’s trendy in present day.

What is the difference between modern and contemporary styles in interior design? Find out once and for all with these helpful definitions and style tips!

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Contemporary design is often pared-down design. From the flat-front cabinets to the sleek stainless-steel appliances , this kitchen is a series of simple planes. contemporary design often relies on materials, rather than color , to give a space visual interest.

Contemporary interior design is known for sleek surfaces, crisp furnishings, and cutting-edge art. While the style has gotten a bad wrap in the past for being cold and impersonal, more and more.

Modern and contemporary – these terms are often misused, and get confused with each other. However, there are key differences between the two terms, which are important to note. Here, we explain what the real difference is between modern and contemporary interior design.