What Is Bicast Leather Furniture

Here I have given the difference between PU Leather and FAUX Leather . To know more about the bags get it from here.. It seems that there can be a lot of confusion and doubt about the term PU Leather as to what it means or what is meant by someone using it,

Bicast leather (also known as bi-cast, bycast, or PU leather) is what most people consider the next step up in quality. Before a hide is put into production, it is cut horizontally into layers.

Bicast leather is: A split leather with a polymer coating. The polymer coating is created as a separate layer and then applied with adhesives, rather than being applied by spraying several thin coats as in ordinary leather. This results in a very even finish on a leather of generally poor quality.

Bicast leather. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Bicast leather (also spelled as bi-cast leather or bycast leather) is a material made with a split leather backing covered with a embossed layer of polyurethane or vinyl. Bicast leather was originally made for the apparel industry for glossy shoes, and was later adopted by the furniture industry.

Bi-cast Leather Furniture 101: Must Know Facts About Bi-Cast Leather When shopping for furniture, particularly leather chairs and storage ottomans, you may encounter the term, "bicast leather" or sometimes referred to as "by-cast leather", "PU leather", or "split leather".

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Artificial leather, also called synthetic leather is a material intended to substitute for leather in upholstery, clothing, footwear, and other uses where a leather.

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LEATHER TEAR REPAIR - LARGE TEAR in BYCAST LEATHER Bi-Cast Leather Problems. The underneath layer is "split leather". Leather splits are the weaker and thinner layers of a hide that are cut under the top-grain layer. leather splits are much stiffer and have a tendency to crack. A thick layer of polyurethane is bonded to these leather splits. Once again, the polyurethane (vinyl).

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