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Block Planning. The space block plan, blocking diagram, or block planning, is a game changer diagram in interior design, because it’s drawn on a plan showing the shell (building structure) and.

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Bubble Diagrams for Design. What is a Bubble Diagram? This is a planning tool that allows groups or particularly important items to be represented simply and quickly when starting basic space planning.It allows the relationships required between working groups or individuals to be depicted graphically.

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The Design Process. Often with all that goes on in a business, or life it is very difficult for the new designer to know where to start and remember from project to project the entire design process.

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Space planning is a fundamental element of the interior design process.. A bubble plan is a simple diagram that will show you what activities.

Create the Best House Design by Using the Right Process. There are four basic ways people approach the task of creating a house design:. 1. search through books of house floor plans.. 2. design it themselves on paper or with Home Design software.. 3. work with a builder in a Design.

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