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We are innovators that combine European manufacturing and high-end design, with products that are better than others and by default are ‘sustainable.’ And we’re tree-huggers at heart, always looking for the next best sustainable materials to provide our clients with the latest in high performance green products for stunning interior designs.

As the state of the environment becomes an ever-pressing issue, designers are developing eco-friendly alternatives to all sorts of products. To celebrate Earth Day, we’ve rounded up 10 examples.

An integrated design firm with six offices across California and Texas, providing sustainable design for educational, corporate and civic facilities.

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Sustainable interior design is defined as "interior design in which all systems and materials are designed with an emphasis on integration into a whole for the purpose of minimizing negative impacts on the environment and occupants and maximizing positive impacts on environmental,

Sustainable interior design creates interior spaces using design principles such as functionality, accessibility, and aesthetics and expands the focus to include environmental considerations. For example, sustainable design projects are influenced by such factors as planning efficient use of space, choosing materials with low environmental impacts, and reducing energy consumption, pollution, and waste.

how to start an interior design business with no money how much cost for interior design course what does contemporary mean in interior design Not everyone was amused by the idea, of course – a photograph of the colorful logs with price tags attracted lots of snarky tweets and comments. “Seriously, who is that dumb to pay that much for a log.

Sustainable Design MA graduate shows work at London Design Fair. Sally Sutherland, now a PhD student at Brighton, will be exhibiting her work as part of a high-profile design research event at the London Design Fair at the Old Truman Brewery from 19 – 22 September.

IIDA is known for spotlighting the best in design through our prestigious design competitions. In 2006, we are taking that role even further through three important programs: the smart interiors competition, the sustainable leadership awards, and the Sustainable Design Student Competition.

how to interior design online Online interior design is a growing trend because it offers clients an economical approach to redecorating and refurbishing rooms. Instead of committing to someone for a full range of services that can run into tens of thousands of dollars, the client works with an online interior designer who.

Sustainability had a moment in a recent ELLE Australia post about 2019 Interior Design Trends. We sat down with Eskayel to talk about it.

A rising trend in green building is to not just design and construct a sustainable core-and-shell in the built environment, but to take the same care in the building’s interior. The growing move.

 · Sustainable Design for Healthcare Interiors. Sustainability may be the holy grail of healthcare design, but many interiors fall well short of green objectives when built conventionally. There is an alternative approach that meets the loftiest goals and provides a sound economic investment.

what is a design concept in interior design A concept board can be defined as the starting point of the creative process for a new home/room design.. What defines the elements of the concept board are all the information and sparks obtain from the client brief. At the client meeting, in fact, you need to have as much information as possible regarding his/her lifestyle in general and more specifically regarding preferred colours.