How To Whitewash Dark Wood Furniture

Reduce the number of furniture pieces that carry stained or dark wood surfaces. A whitewash applied to a lightly sanded wood finish will brighten and lighten the overall look, producing a shabby chic.

Pour white latex paint into an empty paint can until the can is half full, and then add 1 cup of water to create the whitewash solution. Mix well with a paint stick and test on a portion of the paneling to ensure the color is the way you want it. If you want a more translucent finish, add more water; add more paint for a thicker whitewash.

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Bring a rustic, weathered look to wood with the best whitewashing. My favorite stain color is a dark mahogany, but any stain color will. It it's going outside, in a high-moisture area like a bathroom, or on a piece of furniture,

So, how do you whitewash furniture? We're breaking down the simple steps to revive wood furniture in a whitewash finish, whether you're.

Here’s an easy step by step tutorial:: Step 1 :: Clean and Sand. This was the second salvaged piece M-M-M found curbside. Step 2 :: Paint. I painted the body of this dresser with 2 coats of Miss Mustard Seed’s Luckett’s. Step 3 :: Watering Down Paint to Make Whitewash. Step 4 :: Brush or Roll.

Hello friends! I hope you all had an awesome week, and that you had time for a few furniture transformations! Today on Before & After Basics we’ll learn about whitewashing furniture. Whitewashing is a technique that allows you to brighten your wood without hiding the grain pattern.

A black wash adds color to furniture, while still allowing the wood grain to show through. Test the color on a practice piece of wood to get the color you want before applying it to the furniture.

While whitewashing wood grain is still shown through. The white gives a clean look to the furniture, without taking away the natural warmth of wood. Whitewash is achieved using a latex white paint that has been thinned. Whitewashing is very popular in bathrooms and kitchens, as it gives an overall clean look.

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