How To Train Kitten Not To Scratch Furniture

Have a cat who claws up your crib? Really wish you could keep those claws of mass destruction off (at the very least) the couch? I’m going to start this article off with a wee bit of bad news: if you’re looking for a surefire bet – a 100% guaranteed way to train a cat not to scratch your furniture – you’re meowing up the wrong tree.

 · Best Answer: Buy regular cat nip, not the cat nip spray as that stuff is nasty smelling, something a dog would roll in but a cat would try and run from. Rub the scratching posts with it and take her over to the post and have her smell it and take her paws and make scratching.

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Ideally, you would get the scratching posts at the same time that you bring your kitty home. It’s easier to prevent a cat from scratching your leather furniture in the first place than it is to train her to use the scratching post after she already started scratching your furniture. But it is possible to retrain a cat.

 · It is ideal to train your cat early not to scratch the furniture. Even before you bring your cat or kitten home, you should have some cat scratchers ready for him. I would start with two kinds, one vertical scratcher and a horizontal one – that is, one that makes your cat stand or lean forward as he scratches, and another that allows him to.

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 · Chances are she will still try to scratch the furniture, most kittens do, you have to train them not to. Make sure to have a good scratching post (or two) when you bring her inside. We trained our cats to use the scratching post by using toys to play with them on it and setting treats on top of the post for them to discover.

Dealing With Cats That Scratch Furniture – Cats that scratch furniture can be a pet owner’s nightmare. Learn tactics to solve this problem from declawing to a scratching post.. How to solve cat behavior Problems.. This would be a quick way to train her not to scratch on the post! The post should be covered with a nubby, coarsely woven.