How To Take Care Of Wicker Furniture

Care and Cleaning Keep Wicker Wonderful A popular choice for spaces indoors and out, wicker furniture and accessories can provide years of comfort and enjoyment if properly maintained.

 · Always remember natural wicker & rattan furniture has a different set of cleaning rules than outdoor wicker patio furniture. Since the outdoor wicker material provides all weather protection, this allows you to take full advantage of the most effective cleaning procedures. Go for simple spot cleaning methods over the “instant quick fix.

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If the rattan furniture smells musty, there’s a chance mold or mildew are present as well. Take care of all three potential problems by mixing bleach and water together one to one in a bucket, then.

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Wicker care. Dust regularly with small brush or vacuum. Spills should be taken care of immediately before they harden or stain, by wiping with a sponge wrung from sudsy water. Wicker likes humidity but it is not considered nor intended to be used as outdoor furniture. Rain, direct sunlight, and dew are damaging to wicker.

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Rattan is an attractive, lightweight, and durable material for furniture. It’s also eco-friendly, as the plants are fast-growing and plentiful. Whether you choose to display your rattan indoors or out, following these steps will keep your rattan clean and in good repair.

Inspect the furniture carefully to make sure that you have covered the wicker, especially around corners and near seams. Let the polyurethane dry thoroughly. Depending on the climate and humidity,

 · Let the wicker dry. Ensure that the wicker is fully dry after washing and before replacing cushions or using the furniture again. Keep the furniture in a dry place indoors, outside in the sun in dry conditions, or use a fan or hairdryer at some distance away from the wicker to accelerate drying.

 · This guide shows you specifically how to clean resin wicker patio furniture and proper maintenance procedures. resin wicker is naturally more resistant to moisture and weather than organic rattan, so maintenance will be less demanding. This guide is intended for customers who have purchased any of our resin wicker patio sets.

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