How To Repair Scratches On Mahogany Furniture

I have a mahogany (duncan phyfe pedestal style) game table that has several small gauges and a few deep scratches appox. 1.5" long on the top. Also along the very edge of front of the table top, the finish is completely worn away in a thin line approx. 1/8"+, but otherwise the top is a beautiful, shiny old finish.

How to Fix Scratches in Mahogany Furniture Step 1 – Preparation. Assess the damage. Light scratches are very easy to repair. Step 2 – Using the furniture repair marker. step 3 – Filling in Shallow Scratches. At this point you should get the iodine solution and. Step 4 – Filling in Deeper.

Clean the Furniture before Attempting to Repair the Scratch. It is important to thoroughly clean the wood before you begin the repair process. 1. Make a cleaning solution by adding a capful of mild dish washing soap to 1 gallon (3.8 L) of warm water in a bucket or deep bowl.

Wooden furniture comes in contact with a variety of objects that over time will damage the finish with light scuffs and scratches. There are many ways to remove these. The method you choose will depend on the depth of the scratch and the type of finish. Surface/Finish Scratches

To remove scratches from mahogany wood furniture, use iodine. For brown or cherry mahogany wood, use iodine that has turned dark. For lighter woods like maple, dilute the iodine with an equal amount of denatured alcohol. Apply it on your wood furniture to hide scratches.

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After cleaning the furniture piece thoroughly, pour a small amount of scratch repair over the damage. Smooth it into the scratch and remove any excess liquid with a putty knife (or credit card). Then, apply paste wax to the entire surface and hand buff with a clean rag. Step 5 – Apply Heat.

Place a small dab of the wax onto the steel wool and apply it in smooth, circular motions. Aim to apply as thin a layer of wax as possible to avoid a finished appearance that is hazy or splotchy. Allow the wax to dry onto the wood furniture. After applying the wax, give it about 30 minutes to dry.

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