How To Repair Furniture Veneer

Often, furniture is made of a fairly inexpensive wood with a very thin layer of decorative wood glued to the surface of it. The glue used can sometimes fail, leaving a bubble in the veneer. If the furniture is old, you may use heat to repair this problem.

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Even the most well-crafted veneer furniture may need fixing if it gets damaged or just starts to show its age. Whether created to showcase wood inlays or constructed as All it takes is a little know-how and effort to help repair damage and turn back some of the effects of age on your walnut veneer furniture.

Inside: The best way to remove veneer from wood furniture, or to strip paint off a wood piece. Also includes tips on how to make minor repairs to veneer. It’s been a while since I’ve given you all a good ol’ fashioned tips and tricks post.

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Water spills, condensation on glasses and leaking planters can all leave grayish-white water marks on your wood furniture. The moisture works its way into the finish on the furniture, causing small.

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Wooden furniture generally comes in two types–natural or laminated. A laminated piece of furniture uses a very thin covering of a different type of wood or particle board that is stained or finished to look like a more expensive or exotic type of wood.

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Most contemporary furniture builders use a mixture of veneer and hardwood solids. Veneer is a thin layer of real wood, usually about 1/16 inch, bonded to plywood or composites. If the veneer has absorbed moisture, or has been exposed to sunlight or heat, the glue can lose its grip, or it might also.

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She is sharing a tutorial on how to repair damaged veneer. All posts contributed by Patricia for Grillo Designs can be found HERE… Luckily for those of us who love restoring and painting furniture, there is a lot of people trying to get rid of incredible high-quality, solid-wood pieces of.