How To Refinish Teak Wood Patio Furniture

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Outdoor wood furniture needs to be cleaned and stained from time to time to protect it from the elements. Here’s how to go about it: Clean the wood with a quality deck cleaner and brightener, such as Flood Cleaner/Brightener, following the instructions on the container.

Applying the New Finish. When it comes to refinishing most furniture, the method of application often comes into question. While some individuals prefer to use traditional paintbrushes, foam brushes are an excellent alternative. Much like traditional paintbrushes, foam brushes are available in a wide variety of sizes,

Step 1. Clean the Teak Patio Furniture. Apply a 2 to 1 solution of mild detergent with water to the teak patio furniture. Use a soft bristle brush to help remove the gray patina. The brush will do a good job of removing most of the patina if your teak patio set is only a few years old.

How to Refinish Wood outdoor furniture step 1. move the furniture into the middle of the lawn or driveway. Step 2. Sand the flat runs of the furniture using a palm sander. Step 3. Use loose pieces of sandpaper to sand the corners and other areas. Step 4. Hose the furniture again to remove any.

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The first step is to ensure the wood is dry. As many teak furniture pieces typically become patio furniture due to the durability of the wood, the furniture may appear to be dry, but actually be wet from retaining some water from the elements, greatly affecting any attempt to refinish the wood.

If not, spend a few extra minutes on the teak furniture to restore its original color. Mix two parts of laundry detergent with one part bleach and water. Using a soft bristle brush, rub the teak with this solution and then rinse thoroughly with fresh water to remove all traces of dirt and the solution used.

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