How To Refinish Old Furniture

Old furniture has a warmth and charming patina created by years of use. Our designer tricks will help you recreate this lovely timeworn look on a new unfinished piece of furniture. How to Refinish a Kitchen Table

Refinishing hardwood floors can be a dusty, time-consuming job, even with machines that capture most of the mess. Also keep in mind that you must remove everything on the floor-furniture, rugs, pianos.

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In many instances you can save a lot of work by just refinishing parts of the piece. For example the drawer front, the top of a table or bureau or maybe just the arms and seat of a chair may need some work. After making those repairs, you will have rejuvenated the rest of the piece.

Dan Stass works on a refurbishing project on Tuesday at Memory Lane Antiques, 426 Main St., in Windsor. Stauss own the store with his wife Theresa and has been working in restoration for 35 years..

How to Refinish Furniture Without Stripping: Benefits. You’ll save tons of time. And since you’ll preserve the patina and character of the original finish, your furniture will retain the beauty of an antique. One word of caution, though: If you think your piece of furniture is a valuable antique, consult an expert before you do anything.

Veneer is also easily damaged from the surface, and old veneers are often cracked, buckled, or broken, with chips or entire pieces missing. On this page, we‘ll discuss basic techniques to repair veneer on your wood furniture for any at-home furniture refinishing or restoration project.

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Refinishing Furniture & antiques. refinishing furniture the conventional way is a frustrating, tedious process. Stripping and sanding the grooves and carvings on table and chairs is nearly impossible. The chemicals used are also very noxious. Restorz-it makes furniture refinishing easy.

Removing the Old Finish. The first step when refinishing wooden furniture – removing the old finish – is likely the most tiresome and messy. There are two ways to go about this task: chemical stripping and sanding. Chemical Strippers

Learn why it’s important to strip off the old finish thoroughly and what other preparation measures you may have to take to ensure the wood is ready to take a stain. How to Remove Furniture Stains and Discoloration One of the most important steps in furniture refinishing is getting rid of stains.