How To Make Log Furniture

log cabin furniture makes for a beautifully rustic design in the home. Unfortunately it is quite expensive to purchase and many people can’t afford to buy it. There are ways to make your own log cabin furniture, however. If you have a good knowledge of woodworking, you will be able to make your own log cabin furniture.

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In this article I will cover how to make tenons for your log furniture. The tool that I use is a barker 2" tenon cutter that will allow me to make tenons up to 3" long and of course 2" in diameter. This tenon cutter will accept a log up to 4-1/4" in diameter.

How To Build Your Own Log Furniture. There are different ways to finish the furniture, you can leave it very rough, it can be finished with a draw knife or even sanded and coated with clear or varnish. You can finish it the way you like if you are the one who is doing it. It is also a very cheap way to build furniture,

Build Log Furniture: a Split-Log Table and Bench Set. Since the procedures for making log furniture don’t vary much from one particular item to another, I’ll go through the steps only once-in.

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