How To Make Cat Tree Furniture

How to Build a Cat Condo. Cat condos are different from cat trees in that they contain more cubbies for the cat to hide in. They are great for houses with children or dogs because they will give the cat a place to hide in. This article.

A Cat’s-Eye View. This elegant wall-mounted cat tree from Designer Pet Products comes in a set of two pieces – one with an opening for a cat to explore and another that is closed off, so the cat cannot enter. This is a great place for small plants or books. Cats can rest on the top of this box.

Cats love sitting in high places, and building your own cat tree can give them a place to perch as well as an appropriate spot to sharpen their claws. Buying a cat tree can be expensive, with some versions costing $100 or more. However, building a cat tree is an affordable, fun way to pamper you pet and protect your furniture.

Most feline owners find scratching of other furniture and. Make sure you select a cat tree that can hold the.

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Skip the ugly carpet-covered cat trees you can buy at the store by creating your own modern version using PVC pipe. Not only will you save money, but you’ll add some serious style to your living space. Your lucky kitty will have a sturdy yet sleek space to nap, play, and exercise.

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This 45 inch tall cat tree furniture from CozyCatFurniture offers everything your cats need to play, $99.95 Ex Tax: $99.95. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Compare this product. wooden waterproof feral Cat Shelter for Winter and Summer.

Every cat owner knows that providing you cat with cat furniture is a good idea. This simple act saves your carpets, furniture, window hangings, and even woodwork from the damaging effects of sharp cat claws. Cat furniture also provides your cat with hours of entertainment. So what do you do when your cat’s beloved cat tree starts to fray and tear?

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To make your cat tree double as a scratching post, wrap one or more of the supports in sisal rope, securing each end with wire brads or staples, placed where they will be out view and won’t be scratched by the cat. If you use staples, you may need to tap them down with a hammer to make sure they don’t stick out too much.