How To Keep Dogs Off Furniture

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If you don’t mind your dog on the furniture most of the time, teach a cue (“Off!”) for him to remove himself. As soon as your dog gets off the furniture, give him a play or treat reward, or at least sit there yourself. Cats can be more difficult, as they are seldom impressed by even the most elegant of beds.

To keep pets off your furniture, provide them with an alternative like a dog bed or cat condo so they have something to sit or lie on. You can also stick double-sided tape to a place mat or piece of cardboard and leave it on the furniture as this will make it very uncomfortable for your pet.

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How to Keep a Dog off the Furniture. Give him a treat. He’ll associate the clicking sound with the treat. Over time, stop showing him the treat and use the command with the clicker. Once the dog is off the couch, take him to a dog bed in the same room. When he.

If your dog is getting comfortable on the couch — without your approval — try these tips to get your dog off the furniture and help him understand where he should.

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Another good way of keeping your dog off the home furniture is to get some furniture for him/her. Dogs love to have a bed, a crate, or a kennel of their own rather than lying on the hard floor. This keeps them comfortable, as well as cozy and secure.

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Many pet owners struggle to find an easy way to keep their dogs off the furniture, out of flower gardens, or out of the trash. It can be difficult to train your dog to stay away from these trouble.

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When she does as you’ve asked, reward her with a treat. This will reinforce the good behavior of staying off the furniture. She’ll associate getting down with a positive result, such as a tasty treat. Don’t be deterred if your dog is a slow learner, as a lot of dogs are. Keep reinforcing the "off" command with a pocket full of treats on standby.