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It’s why most of the pieces I paint are distressed to some degree or another and why every piece of furniture in my house is distressed with chippy paint- I’m legit obsessed! When a friend of mine who also paints, told me about using Vaseline to distress furniture, I was a bit skeptical.

Step 3) Distressing. Once your final paint coat is dry, grab yourself a bucket of water and a lint-free rag or scouring pad (kitchen scrubby). Make sure that your cloth is nice and wet, but not so much that it drips. Use the wet rag to gently rub across the surface in a back & forth motion.

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With typical latex paint, most of the distressing starts after you’re done painting. However, when distressing with chalk paint, you want to make your piece look old before you start painting. This is real easy if you just picked up a scratch and dent item at a garage sale.

If not, our words can paint one-oh, so vividly. but was concerned that I might not like it because the furniture was “a.

Keep in mind, flat or matte paint can be distressed. However, I find I work harder and don’t have as much control over the distressing process. additionally, I always use the cheapest paint I can find when I know I plan to distress wood furniture. Ultimately, it makes no sense to paint with expensive paint for furniture distressing projects.

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Consider the paint colors – walls, trim and ceiling. even light fixtures and doorknobs should be chosen to coordinate and.

Distressed furniture painting techniques Using the same techniques that I used on the above pictured End Table , I dry-brushed on some turquoise acrylic paint and wiped it around. And then I dry-brushed on some brown glaze and wiped the majority of it off.

How to paint furniture then distress it to give your furniture that antique finish. Refinishing and painting furniture tips and techniques. This week’s project was a pretty easy one that anyone.