How To Clean Mold From Antique Wood Furniture

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Over time, wood furniture accumulates grime that can’t be removed with regular dusting. When this happens, some serious cleaning is in order. Here’s how to safely clean wood furniture.

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How To Clean The Wooden Furniture Learn how to clean wood furniture with our tried-and-true cleaning tips. They’ll help you remove everything from dirt to crayon marks. If your wooden furniture has a finish such as wax or varnish, clean it every few months with lemon oil (which is actually scented mineral oil). Slightly moisten a.

This can become chronic with antique furniture, developing mold and bacteria odors over time. As a professional mold remediation contractor, we would start by HEPA vacuuming all exposed surfaces. Second, we would wet wipe all surfaces with a midewcide/bactericide. Third, we may light sand the drawer sides and backs where practical. Fourth, treat the exposed wood with high levels of ozone to help destroy odors.

Harder Surfaces. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to remove surface mold. Mix water and a non-ammonia detergent together and scrub the entire surface. Use a non-abrasive scrubber to avoid damaging the wood finishes. Wipe the detergent mixture off. Mix 1/4 cup bleach with 1 gallon of water and spray all surfaces.

If you need to clean a piece of antique furniture, opt for a mild cleaner, such as dish soap mixed with water, to avoid damaging the item. To start cleaning, gently wipe down the surfaces with a soft cloth and your cleaner.

The most important part of cleaning mold is killing mold, so bleach water should be used in small doses after scraping off the dry mold with a toothbrush.

An Uncomfortable Situation Black mold is absolutely horrible and can do more than simply ruin the way your furniture looks. The stuff can cause serious health problems if you don’t deal with it right away and clean your furniture thoroughly. The most common household product used to get rid of this nasty mold is bleach, but even that could be toxic and do more harm than good.