How Much Does It Cost To Move Furniture Cross Country

The American Moving and storage association states that the average cost of an interstate household move is about $4,300 (distance of 1,225 miles) and the average cost of an intrastate move is about $2,300 (4 movers at $200 per hour).

Based on my own experience and research, I estimate that the average cost of a cross country move is between $2,500 and $5,000. Again, it’s a difficult total cost to measure but you can get a more customized estimate using an online calculator like or HomeFair .

How Much Do Movers Cost Professional movers can cost upwards of $7,500 , depending on the size of your house and the number of belongings. It usually costs around $1,000 per room, and that includes a full-service experience from planning to moving day.

A cross-country move for a three-bedroom home can cost as much as $8,000. Figure $6,000 for the actual move (movers charge about $100 per 100 pounds, and the average room adds up to 1,000 pounds.

Any idea how much it costs to move cross-country? Discussion in ‘General. likely moving from California to New England in a year or two–we rent a 2 bdrm house, have furniture, books, etc. How much could this cost?. the hassle and cost of moving everything back and forth over such a short.

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Cross-Country moving? Rent a pod?. and tossing a bunch of stuff but it’s pretty easy to hit $3200 of furniture without too much work.. drive it and your car cross country at 10 MPH below the.

Consumers should not expect much protection from most states or the federal government. While some states, like Florida and Maryland, have strong rules protecting consumers for intrastate moves, many.

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There are two ways to ship furniture cross country: Less-than-truckload (LTL) Freight is the standard for shipping large items which do not fill up an entire truck. For LTL Freight shipping, be sure your furniture is secured to a pallet and wrapped for loading to protect it from frequent moving and vibrations.

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A cross-country move from Chicago to Denver (~ 1,000 miles) for a 4- bedroom house (~12,000 lbs. of stuff) could cost around $8,000. Need a total change of scenery? Moving from Boston to Houston (~ 1,800 miles) for a 2-bedroom apartment (~ 4,000 lbs. of stuff) could cost around $5,000.