How Do I Paint Wrought Iron Furniture

Even if your wrought iron pieces look good, you can paint them a different color to add a personal touch and contemporary style to what is usually a traditional element of your home. wrought iron railings, fences and patio furniture have been a classically elegant staple of homes for decades.

Refurbishing Wrought Iron Furniture: To refurbish wrought iron you only have to clean the surface — either with a damp cloth or by spraying it down with water and letting it dry. Then, use a good quality spray paint and paint away.

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You need to make sure you give iron furniture (or iron anything) a light sanding before you put paint on it. You can use a sponge-block sanding pad. STEP 2: Wash

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How to Clean Wrought Iron. Wrought iron is an ornamental metal popularly used to make patio furniture, railings, shelving, and ornamental dcor like wine racks and candle holders. wrought iron can add character to both the inside and.

Add color 1. Add decorative pillows. 2. buy colorful outdoor fabric for a tablecloth. 3. If your furniture is wood, consider painting some of the chairs. 4. spray-painting wrought iron can update an.

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Lay down a drop cloth to prevent paint from getting on the ground. This will save you some cleanup time. Paint the chair using a 3-in paint roller with a thick nap. I found that this gave me maximum control, especially in the bends and crevices. Apply two coats of paint.

The key to an easy wrought iron paint job is keeping up with it. If you allow the existing paint to fail miserably, then you’ll have more prep work to do that’s mind-numbing. Remember, purchase the most expensive metal paint and primer you can.

Though there is the option of buying new, what are you supposed to do with the old furniture. This spray paint has a neat hammered texture and worked wonders on my rusted wrought iron table and.