How Can I Keep My Dog Off The Furniture

When trying to figure out how to keep the dog off the furniture you have to consider your own behavior, what is fair to the dog, and any other dogs in the house. We were able to develop a reasonable solution and retrain the dog within two months.

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The only way to keep your dog off the furniture is to spank him every time he gets up there, not to hard but hard enough to where he knows you mean buisness. It won’t work the first time but after a few times he will learn.

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Fence off an area that gives your dog enough space to run and play, or fence off the entrance to the patio so your dog can’t get near the furniture while in the yard. Put a kid’s sandbox in the dog-friendly area, fill it with sand or soil and bury various dog toys and treats shallowly in it to encourage your dog to dig and play in the area.

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Effective Ideas To Keep Your Dog Off The Couch. Your dog will stroll over to the couch, thinking of cloud number nine, and jump up and land on the aluminum foil instead, which will make a constant, weird, crinkly noise for the entire time that he is up there. The noise will freak your dog out without hurting him,

We are in the dead of summer and the bugs are at their fiercest! We love to take our dog sirius (named after the constellation not Harry Potter THANK YOU VERY MUCH.can you tell that I get that a lot? lol) on hikes through the nature preserve that we live right next door to and the first thing I do before we leave the house on our family hikes, is to spray him down with my Hippy Housepets.

A three-piece, L-shaped place to park six, seven or eight behinds and maybe a dog or two. You want to know when you’re truly grown up? It’s not when you make your. sectional can help the room.

Can a robot dog replace a real dog? I set out to find the answer to that question by “fostering” Aibo, Sony’s robot dog. I came away from the experience with more questions than answers.