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Style. It goes without saying, your personal taste for a certain style needs to carry throughout the interior of the aircraft design. Our experts work with you to match the personal touch that will meet your expectations.

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The interior of China’s first domestically built aircraft carrier has been seen on footage for. Type 001A, based on the soviet kuznetsov class design, is the country’s first domestically designed.

Creating high quality, comfortable, and attractive plush upholstery to complement the interior design of your aircraft. Lighting Systems. Avtec Interiors designs and installs stylish and distinctive lighting systems for your aircraft’s interior spaces.

29 May 2019 marks Airbus’s 50th anniversary. As we begin celebrations, let’s hear some thoughts on aircraft interior design from Airbus’s VP of cabin marketing, Ingo Wuggetzer, who is himself coming up for his 15th anniversary at the company

The very specific nature of airplanes adds a significant complexity when it comes to interior design. The long, tubular shape of the fuselage, small windows, reduced spaces, noise, and occasional turbulence are all factors that contribute that added bit of challenge to successfully design cabin interiors that will, in the end, provide the best and most enjoyable experience to passengers.

In these collaborations, aircraft makers provide expert know-how on the logistical, technical as well as management aspects of private aviation, while luxury designers work with aircraft owners on the interior design and stylistic aspects, tailored to their own individual tastes and preferences.

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The genesis of cabin design really started with the mail service. At this point, aircraft interiors were secondary to the process of getting mail to a.

Aircraft Cabin Interior Design, Strategy & Solutions Factorydesign is a creative design agency based in London specializing in airline cabin interiors design and products for commercial aircraft and business.

Snooze. Here’s an idea: Design a more comfortable seat. Three finalists will be announced at the beginning of March and will pitch their concepts to a 27-member jury in person at the Aircraft.

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KI Interiors is fully experienced in all phases of interior refurbishing and design. From corporate, private, and charter aircraft, KI Interiors offers our clients.